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Cruising Tips from Twin Palms World Travel

Set sail on a new adventure with guidance from a seasoned travel planner, Judy Goyette, the heart and soul of Twin Palms World Travel. Allow her insights and experiences to guide your maiden voyage.

Cruising Tips

About Judy Goyette: The Travel Maven

The Origin of Twin Palms World Travel

Venture into the world of travel with Judy Goyette, the genius behind Twin Palms World Travel. This venture was born from Judy's innate passion for exploration, turning her dreams into meticulously planned vacations on both land and sea.

Judy's Passion for Travel

Personal Connection to Journeys

Every destination Judy recommends holds a personal connection. Her love for travel isn't just professional—it's deeply personal. This passion propels her to gain certifications and rich experiences with global travel and cruise partners. With Judy, you're not just another client; you're a fellow traveler, embarking on a dream journey meticulously curated with a personal touch.

Gearing Up for Your First Cruise Adventure

What to Expect on Your First Cruise

Imagine an all-inclusive escape, with captivating views, gourmet meals, and endless entertainment. That's a cruise for you. But remember, each cruise has its unique offerings—some amenities might cost extra. Judy’s tip? Plan and budget in advance.


Judy’s Golden Packing Rules

Ah, the packing dilemma! Judy always advises travelers to consider their destination and cruise length.

But her top tip?

The Importance of the Carry-On

As you set foot on the port, your luggage is handled by porters, ensuring it reaches your cabin. Judy emphasizes always having a carry-on with essentials—medications, vital documents, and yes, that swimsuit for an early dip!

Your Maiden Day at the Port: Judy’s Insights

Collaborating with Porters

The bustling atmosphere at the port can be overwhelming, but Judy's experiences have taught her the value of teamwork. Let the porters handle your luggage but always keep essentials close.

The Art of a Smooth Embarkation

With years of travel expertise, Judy knows the embarkation process like the back of her hand. Her advice? Stay patient and enjoy the beginnings of your journey.

Pro Tips from Judy's Travels

  1. Complete the required paperwork beforehand.

  2. Adhere to your designated check-in time.

  3. Stay hydrated and carry snacks.

  4. Relish the start. The best is yet to come!

Revel in Your First Day At Sea

Dive into Aboard Activities

The ship is your playground. From pools to theaters, every corner promises a new experience. Judy’s favorite? An early swim to kickstart her cruise adventures.

Savoring Cruise Cuisines

Every cruise offers a culinary journey. Judy's secret? Dine off-peak to savor your meal without the crowd.

Decoding the Best Cruise Amenities

Unwinding with Spa and Relaxation

Want to pamper yourself? Judy highly recommends the onboard spas. As a seasoned traveler, she often snags discounts—so always inquire!

Nights to Remember: Cruise Entertainment

Every night promises entertainment. Judy’s tip? Plan ahead using the daily schedules, ensuring you don't miss out.

Judy’s Guidance for Disembarkation

The end of your cruise is just the beginning of many memories. Judy advises settling onboard expenses early, packing the night before, and always, always cherishing the experience.

Embarking on your first cruise is monumental. With Judy Goyette and Twin Palms World Travel by your side, every journey promises a blend of adventure, luxury, and personal touches. After all, with Judy, travel isn’t just an itinerary—it’s a heart’s calling.

Ready for your next big cruise adventure?

Looking for the top travel agency in CT to guide you through it?

Judy Goyette

Let's craft a journey that's uniquely yours, with the expert touch we offer.

Call 203-590-1641 and feel the thrill of anticipation!

Whether it's the vibrant markets of Istanbul or the peaceful fjords of Norway, I'm here to help you curate the perfect cruise. Passionate about discovering the world's gems, I'm your go-to CT travel agent, just a phone call away.

Safe travels and happy memories await.

Let's explore the unknown and create tales that'll be shared for years to come.


Judy 🌍🚢"

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