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How much Cash should I Bring on my Cruise?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Hi Friends! Judy here, bringing you another sprinkle of wisdom from my never-ending adventures. Today, we are diving into the all-important topic of cruising - and not just any aspect of it, but the monetary side.

How much Cash should I Bring on my Cruise?

You’ve asked, “Judy, how much cash should I bring on my cruise?” and honey, I’m here to answer.

Let’s sail away into the world of financial preparedness for your sea voyage!

Onboard Cash-Free Bliss

Imagine the sea breeze playing with your hair, the salt in the air, and the distant horizon as you stand on the deck. Now, isn’t that a dream! When aboard the magnificent vessel, you’re in a nearly cash-free bliss. Everything you fancy - be it a delightful cocktail, a soothing spa treatment, or that souvenir you want to snatch from the ship’s boutique, it’s all charged directly to your cabin.

When you're on board the ship you really don't need cash for anything! The only exception to that would be if you would like to give additional gratuities to your cabin Steward or to a bartender; then you can do that in cash other than that anything you purchase on board could be charged directly to your cabin which then is charged to your credit card.

Sprinkling Extra Appreciation

However, my dear cruisers, there is an exception. Those lovely individuals – your cabin steward, the ever-so-patient bartenders, and the charming servers who bring you culinary delights, might deserve a little extra appreciation. If you find the service exceptional, feel free to sprinkle some cash their way as additional gratuities. It’s a lovely gesture to show your heartfelt thanks for making your voyage smoother and more enjoyable.

Exploring Ports of Call: Cash is King

Ah, the thrill of exploring new lands! When the ship docks, and you’re ready to step into the enchanting ports of call, having cash is indeed handy. Whether it’s paying for a taxi to explore hidden gems, buying local crafts, or savoring street food, cash, my friends, can be king. It allows for smoother transactions and helps you avoid potential card issues in foreign lands.

How Much Cash to Bring? Judy’s Recommendation

Now, the golden question – how much cash should you pack? It varies based on your spending habits and the destinations, but I recommend having a mix of small and larger denominations. Around $5 - $10 per day for additional onboard gratuities and approximately $50 for each port of call should cover the basics. Of course, adjust based on your personal preferences, planned activities, and duration of your cruise.

Currency Considerations & Exchange Rates

Consider the currency used in the ports you’ll be visiting. Exchanging some money beforehand can save you from unfavorable rates or inconvenience. Researching the destinations will help you gauge the average costs and tailor your cash accordingly.

Safety First

While having cash is essential, safety is paramount. Use the ship’s safe for surplus cash and valuables. Only take what you need for the day, and be mindful of your belongings. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Emergency Fund

Lastly, it’s always wise to have a little emergency fund. Unplanned situations might pop up – be it a sudden urge to try paragliding or dealing with unexpected travel hiccups. Having some extra cash can make these situations less stressful.

Wrapping It Up

Embarking on a cruise is a marvelous adventure, and being financially prepared ensures smooth sailing. While the ship offers a cash-free haven, having some money for additional gratuities and exploring the ports enriches the experience. Plan your cruise, be safe, and you’re ready to make waves!

Remember, every cruise is a treasure trove of memories waiting to be discovered. So, be savvy with your cash, embrace the journey, and let the sea serenade you. Safe travels and smooth sailing, my dear friends!

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