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The #1 Tip from Seasoned Cruisers

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Hi, explorers and cruise enthusiasts! It’s Judy from Twin Palms World Travel sharing some golden nuggets of cruise wisdom with you all! 🚢✨

Guess what the #1 tip from seasoned cruisers is?

You might have guessed it - using a travel agent!

The #1 Tip from Seasoned Cruisers

Now, I know this might seem a tad self-serving coming from me, a travel agent myself, but hear me out, because this insight is solid gold!

I recently stumbled upon a survey conducted by the fantastic folks at Royal Caribbean Blog – shoutout to them, I’m tagging their insightful YouTube channel for all of you! They asked their community of experienced cruisers for their top cruise tip, and the results? Drumroll, please… Use a travel agent!

Why, you ask? Well, there are oodles of benefits to having a travel agent in your corner. For starters, we often have access to special rates that aren’t available to the general public. That means we can help you snag some pretty sweet deals on your dream cruise! And if exclusive rates aren’t on the horizon, fear not – we can help you secure delightful amenities that you wouldn’t normally receive. Think of it as adding a sprinkle of extra magic to your voyage!

So, fellow adventurers, next time you’re dreaming of the open sea and faraway destinations, consider reaching out to a travel agent.

I'm here to make your cruise experience smooth sailing and absolutely unforgettable!

Looking for more tips and cruise insights?

Feel free to reach out – I’m here to help you embark on the vacation of a lifetime! Safe and splendid travels, everyone! 🌟

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